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ListEngine Class Reference

#include <listengine.h>

Inheritance diagram for ListEngine:

CacheListEngine CDListEngine DVDListEngine NepomukListEngine AudioClipsListEngine AudioStreamListEngine FileListEngine MediaListsEngine MusicListEngine SavedListsEngine SemanticsListEngine VideoListEngine

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Detailed Description

This is the base ListEngine class. It is a QThread to allow it to run asynchronously without blocking the gui on long queries.

Definition at line 31 of file listengine.h.


void results (QString m_requestSignature, QList< MediaItem > mediaList, MediaListProperties m_mediaListProperties, bool done, QString m_subRequestSignature)
void updateMediaItems (QList< MediaItem > mediaList)

Public Member Functions

virtual void activateAction ()
 ListEngine (ListEngineFactory *parent)
const MediaListPropertiesmediaListProperties () const
MediaItemModelmodel ()
virtual void removeSourceInfo (QList< MediaItem > mediaList)
const QString & requestSignature () const
virtual void setFilterForSources (const QString &engineFilter)
void setMediaListProperties (const MediaListProperties &mediaListProperties)
void setModel (MediaItemModel *mediaItemModel)
void setRequestSignature (const QString &requestSignature)
void setSubRequestSignature (const QString &subRequestSignature)
const QString & subRequestSignature () const
virtual void updateSourceInfo (QList< MediaItem > mediaList)
virtual ~ListEngine ()

Protected Attributes

MediaListProperties m_mediaListProperties
QString m_requestSignature
QString m_subRequestSignature

Private Attributes


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