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MediaIndexer Class Reference

#include <mediaindexer.h>

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Detailed Description

MediaIndexer provides a way to asynchronous write to the nepomuk datastore.

Definition at line 30 of file mediaindexer.h.

Public Types

enum  State { Idle = 0, Running = 1 }


void allFinished ()
void finished ()
void percentComplete (int percent)
void sourceInfoUpdated (MediaItem mediaItem)
void started ()
void urlInfoRemoved (QString url)

Public Member Functions

 MediaIndexer (QObject *parent)
void removeInfo (const MediaItem &mediaItem)
void removeInfo (const QList< MediaItem > &mediaList)
void state ()
void updateInfo (const MediaItem &mediaItem)
void updateInfo (const QList< MediaItem > &mediaList)
void updatePlaybackInfo (const QString &url, bool incrementPlayCount, const QDateTime &playDateTime)
void updateRating (const QString &url, int rating)
 ~MediaIndexer ()

Private Slots

void error (QProcess::ProcessError error)
void finished (int exitCode, QProcess::ExitStatus exitStatus)
void processWriterOutput ()

Private Member Functions

void writeRemoveInfo (MediaItem mediaItem, QTextStream &out)
void writeUpdateInfo (MediaItem mediaItem, QTextStream &out)

Private Attributes

QHash< int, QList< MediaItem > > m_mediaLists
bool m_nepomukInited
State m_state
QHash< int, QList< QString > > m_urlLists
QList< KProcess * > m_writers

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