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void MediaItemModel::removeSourceInfo ( const QList< MediaItem > &  mediaList  ) 

Remove information associated with MediaItems in mediaList from the source from which the model retrieved the MediaItems.

mediaList list containing the MediaItems whose information should be removed from the source.
Note: mediaList does not have to contain the same MediaItems contained in the model. However, the current model MediaListProperties should refer to an lri whose ListEngine is capable of removing information from the source. As a general rule, if the lri can be used to retrieve the MediaItem, its ListEngine can remove information for the MediaItem.

Definition at line 744 of file mediaitemmodel.cpp.

References ListEngineFactory::availableListEngine(), MediaListProperties::engine(), ListEngineFactory::engineExists(), and ListEngine::removeSourceInfo().

    //Assumes that items in mediaList are items currently in model
    if (m_listEngineFactory->engineExists(m_mediaListProperties.engine())) {
        ListEngine * listEngine = m_listEngineFactory->availableListEngine(m_mediaListProperties.engine());

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