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void MediaItemModel::replaceMediaItemAt ( int  row,
const MediaItem mediaItem,
bool  emitMediaListChanged = false 

Replace MediaItem at the specified row in the model with the one provided.

row row of model
mediaItem MediaItem to replace with
emitMediaListChanged emits mediaListChanged() signal if true, otherwise don't emit mediaListChanged().

Definition at line 494 of file mediaitemmodel.cpp.

References mediaListChanged(), and MediaItem::url.

Referenced by loadMediaList(), and updateMediaItem().

    m_mediaList.replace(row, mediaItem);
    m_urlList.replace(row, mediaItem.url);
    QList<QStandardItem *> rowData = rowDataFromMediaItem(mediaItem);
    for (int i = 0; i < rowData.count(); i++) {
        setItem(row, i, rowData.at(i));
    if (emitMediaListChanged) {
        emit mediaListChanged();

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