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NepomukListEngine Class Reference

#include <nepomuklistengine.h>

Inheritance diagram for NepomukListEngine:

ListEngine AudioClipsListEngine AudioStreamListEngine FileListEngine MediaListsEngine MusicListEngine SavedListsEngine SemanticsListEngine VideoListEngine

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Detailed Description

This is an abstract base class for all list engines which use nepomuk. It simply tries to initialize nepomuk during construction and stores the result in local variables. It also provides a common interface to update or remove MediaItem information in the nepomuk datastore.

Definition at line 37 of file nepomuklistengine.h.


void percentComplete (int percent)
void results (QString m_requestSignature, QList< MediaItem > mediaList, MediaListProperties m_mediaListProperties, bool done, QString m_subRequestSignature)
void sourceInfoUpdated (MediaItem mediaItem)
void updateMediaItems (QList< MediaItem > mediaList)
void updateRemovalComplete ()
void updateRemovalStarted ()
void urlInfoRemoved (QString url)

Public Member Functions

virtual void activateAction ()
void connectIndexer ()
const MediaListPropertiesmediaListProperties () const
MediaItemModelmodel ()
 NepomukListEngine (ListEngineFactory *parent)
virtual void removeSourceInfo (QList< MediaItem > mediaList)
const QString & requestSignature () const
virtual void run ()
virtual void setFilterForSources (const QString &engineFilter)
void setMediaListProperties (const MediaListProperties &mediaListProperties)
void setModel (MediaItemModel *mediaItemModel)
void setRequestSignature (const QString &requestSignature)
void setSubRequestSignature (const QString &subRequestSignature)
const QString & subRequestSignature () const
virtual void updateSourceInfo (QList< MediaItem > mediaList)

Protected Attributes

Soprano::Model * m_mainModel
QList< MediaItemm_mediaItemsInfoToRemove
QList< MediaItemm_mediaItemsInfoToUpdate
MediaListProperties m_mediaListProperties
bool m_nepomukInited
bool m_removeSourceInfo
QString m_requestSignature
QString m_subRequestSignature
bool m_updateSourceInfo

Private Slots

void disconnectIndexer ()
void indexerFinished ()

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