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Utilities Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

This namespace provides a list of convenience functions used throughout bangarang.


TagLib::ID3v2::AttachedPictureFrame * attachedPictureFrame (TagLib::ID3v2::Tag *id3tag, bool create)
QString audioMimeFilter ()
QString getAlbumFromTag (const QString &url)
QString getArtistFromTag (const QString &url)
QPixmap getArtworkFromMediaItem (const MediaItem &mediaItem)
QPixmap getArtworkFromTag (const QString &url, QSize size)
int getDurationFromTag (const QString &url)
QString getGenreFromTag (const QString &url)
QString getTitleFromTag (const QString &url)
int getTrackNumberFromTag (const QString &url)
int getYearFromTag (const QString &url)
bool isAudio (const QString &url)
bool isM3u (const QString &url)
bool isMusic (const QString &url)
bool isPls (const QString &url)
bool isVideo (const QString &url)
MediaItem mediaItemFromIterator (Soprano::QueryResultIterator &it, const QString &type)
MediaItem mediaItemFromNepomuk (Nepomuk::Resource res)
MediaItem mediaItemFromUrl (KUrl url)
QList< MediaItemmediaItemsDontExist (const QList< MediaItem > &mediaList)
int mediaListDuration (const QList< MediaItem > &mediaList)
QString mediaListDurationText (const QList< MediaItem > &mediaList)
QStringList mediaListUrls (const QList< MediaItem > &mediaList)
Nepomuk::Resource mediaResourceFromUrl (KUrl url)
QPixmap reflection (QPixmap &pixmap)
bool saveArtworkToTag (const QString &url, const QString &imageurl)
bool saveArtworkToTag (const QString &url, const QPixmap *pixmap)
void setAlbumTag (const QString &url, const QString &album)
void setArtistTag (const QString &url, const QString &artist)
void setDurationTag (const QString &url, int duration)
void setGenreTag (const QString &url, const QString &genre)
void setTitleTag (const QString &url, const QString &title)
void setTrackNumberTag (const QString &url, int trackNumber)
void setYearTag (const QString &url, int year)
KIcon turnIconOff (KIcon icon, QSize size)
QString videoMimeFilter ()

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